Aurora Oregon

We are in Oregon for a couple more days visiting my cousin. After the 9 hour trip yesterday in my new car (which by the way the valet in San Francisco wrecked, yes wrecked my car..... we found this out when we were leaving for Oregon at 6:00 AM.....he hit a pole and dented two doors :(  and he wasn't going to tell us he did it which really made me angry and frustrated so needless to say, I didn't feel like running yesterday or doing much at all so I drank ....2 drinks and went to bed :) )Today, I did run 1.5 miles and beat my husband...he stopped running and complained about his shoes...(he doesn't have the cute pink ones I have hahaha...I probably should have run more but I guess 1.5 miles is better than nothing. (part of it was up hill does that make it seem better than it really is?) Oh, and we hiked down to one of the waterfalls at Silverton Falls which by the way is awesome....we would have walked alot farther but my daughter has a cast on her foot and she couldn't keep up so we turned around.

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  1. I'm ALWAYS of the opinion "something is better than nothing." And hills are hard. As long as other training runs you go on are longer than 1.5 miles I say you should be proud of this effort!