I'm on hold....for a little while

I'm hoping that I will feel better in a few weeks but for now....no running for me. I can still barely walk and I cant go up or down stairs without feeling like my leg is going to be torn off at the knee. No, haven't gone to the doctor....I'm a firm believer in waiting and resting before ever going to a doctor so for now......I am saying goodbye...!

Course Description that I must have failed to read

Okay, so I probably just skimmed over the course description so I really shouldn't say she didn't describe it well as in one of my posts. It does say rolling terrain....I just focused on the whole 1/4 downhill finish...LOL...so maybe the next one will be alot easier...I'm hoping.

5K COURSE** 7:10am START TIME! USATF Certificate # NV08005DCR

Departing Boulder Beach you will climb 1/4 mile until you turn right onto Lakeshore Drive. You will traverse rolling terrain until your turn around at 1.55 miles. Give you bib number to the clipboard volunteer, turn around, and come on back. The left hand turn back down to Boulder Beach will treat you to a 1/4 mile downhill finish.

Was it worth it

Okay, my husband has asked since the finish line of the 5k was it worth it....I said that it was ..... Yesterday....but I can't even walk today so I'm thinking no.....my left knee is so bad I don't know what I did...it didn't hurt until I stopped running....what the heck is wrong with me..? Seriously, why doesn't this happen to everyone...why just me? I can't figure out what to do..I really want to do the 1/2 marathon but this is ridiculous. I don't want to kill myself in the process. I'm thinking that I am going to have to postpone this marathon thing at least until maybe December and that is just pitiful. The only good news is that there is a marathon in Las Vegas in December and it's flat. Maybe I will just concentrate on that one....I have thrown out some serious f-bombs the past two days....and I'm not liking it right now.

And the winner is.....

The winner of my 20.00 gift card is inspiREDtorun13. Using a random generator on the Internet...! Thank you for leaving comments and pushing me forward...!Check your email...you should be receiving your gift card right now from amazon.com

Near death experience...the dreaded first 5k

I cant say it was pretty but I finished the 5k....and I am hot, and tired and my left knee is killing me. So many more hills than I anticipated. I guess she really didn't do a great job describing the course but my fault for not checking it out in person....oh well, live and learn...don't ask about time because I really have no clue...it wasn't posted and I'm sure it's pitiful....again I really am just glad I finished....and yay I wasn't last...nothing against the person that was last I just didn't want it to be me....I was actually just proud of the people that were out there doing it...better than nothing...and now I have my first medal and bib....yippee..!!!

Well I should have waited until the sun went down

Okay it is seriously too hot to run. I don't know what I was thinking going out before the sun went down. I couldn't do it I had to get in the car into the nice cool air conditioning because I thought I was going to throw up....grrrrrr I hate this heat. Hopefully I can hang on Saturday morning....now I'm kind of worried about it. But it shouldn't be as bad seeing it starts at 0700. My lungs were on fire too......when will that end?


Yesterday was my rest day...!!! I am running 2 miles tonight so I won't be tired for the 5k on Saturday morning. Okay, that's not really a guarantee I won't be tired on Saturday morning because it is early but I am glad it is. This way it won't be as hot.

I decided that as long as I don't come in dead last I will be okay. However I know a nay sayer that says I am setting myself up for dissapointment in case I don't do as good as I would like. I say, wait till Saturday and we'll see.

I am also putting together some good running songs for my 5k and for my run tonight...for inspiration and because of the 5k name I have to at least add Running with the Devil...! Anyone have any songs that would be good to add? Let me know. Never Gonna Stop by Rob Zombie was going to be one of the last ones I put on there just to remind me to keep running...and quit whining.

Thanks for listening to me and thanks for all the insipring comments you add. It's good to know that somebody is interested.