First day of training...haha, okay did I forget to mention that two months ago I had grand visions of this marathon thing and then boom one day on the treadmill on my fourth mile (not really like 4 real miles on the street I learned this from the girl that sold me my shoes) I got off the treadmill and I literally could not is the reason. a. I'm overweight b. I ran way too far for only being 2 weeks into my training and c. crappy shoes. Talk about embarrasing, I am convinced that only people that are in shape go to the gym (except for me) I was truly the exception in the gym. But, here is the thing they have this place called the movie room where you watch a movie while you run so it's fairly dark in there. My thought was that it was dark so no one could see me in the gym and I could sneak out quickly. That was until I couldn't walk. So, I limped like a baby out to my car and never went back. After self diagnosing on webmd, I determined that I probably had a stress fracture and they wouldn't do anything for me at the doctors so I just suffered for the last two months.

So, tonight I set the incline on the treadmill for 1% because the shoe girl told me that if I didn't it was like running down hill and that was probably what caused my stress fracture. Good news, my foot doesn't hurt although I only ran/walked one mile. I set the treadmill for a slow speed to warm up and then increased it gradually until I couldn't breathe...then lowered it again should be able to hold a conversation, or at least be able to say a few sentences (that's what the books say) or you are going to fast. So one measly mile yippy...I am on my way ! What have you done? Besides read my blog...

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  1. Oooh Cardio Cinema. Do you workout at Golds Gym?! And wow, glad you are feeling better now! I'm finally back from a 1.5 month IT Band injury. Blah. That sucked.