Potato on a Mission

Probably not the best idea I have had but hey, it can't be the worst.

My goal here is to lose 30 pounds minimum in let's say three months along with training for a half marathon. Really I would prefer 40 pounds but hey I'm not going to be picky here I'm just hoping that will happen in the process.

Here's the deal. I am so,so,so not in shape. Let's just say I am a couch potato, not a couch potato in the true sense....hey, I don't watch a lot of tv, I just like to read and I don't do any exercise whatsoever so a couch potato but like a high class couch potato, not a dirty unwashed icky couch potato. Now though, I am a couch potato on a mission. Anyone that wants to join me for support is welcome. Actually it's preferred. Since I have never run any type of race and have never run more than five miles in one fail swoop (this was over 20 years ago so don't get all crazy on me) this is going to be an exciting and I am sure painful journey...you are welcome to come along and share in the misery with me. :)

Okay so I did some reading about training for a marathon and my three month goal is not suggested but I am just going to have to make it work since I have little to no patience and a little A.D.D. as well. So I don't want to get distracted in the process or I might take up some other crazy idea instead and listen, I have a goal so don't try to talk me out of it. Anyway, back to three month thing, I am just skipping a few steps here because
a. I can walk at a fast pace, and
b. the whole easing into things is just not my style.....it's all or nothing here.... Go big or don't go at all right?

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  1. "Go big or go home" ;)

    Cute blog template! Exciting decision. If you put your mind to it, you'll finish the half marathon no problem! I was a casual runner for about 4 years before I went for a half so not as brave as you. One word of caution: They're addicting ;) I wanted to run one. I'm now training for my fourth.