A Treat for my Feet

So our first step here in all the research I have done is to buy a great pair of shoes. Something that will cushion the heck out of your feet and make it feel like you are just gliding along, with no pain...haha yeah okay, lets just go with that. The experts suggest that we get the best pair of shoes that we can afford because we can't afford not to. Like how I have included you in my mission? I didnt even ask your permission. But you are reading this thinking hey, if she can do it...why cant I, right? Okay maybe youre not. Maybe your just thinking she's crazy,she is out of her mind, she is going to fail, and I'm going to watch her do it....man, you can be so mean ! Lol.., I'm just kidding. We are going to put a lot of miles on these legs and poor little feet so we need to be prepared with the best possible start. Crappy shoes mean crappy performance and maybe even some injury to go along with it and we cant afford to have an injury.

I did a little research and found that the best possible shoes we can be running with are maybe not the most popular brand that you would think....at least not the ones that I would have thought but hey I am not in the "runners circle" so how was I supposed to know. I had been running in a pair or Reebok shoes that were over fifteen years old so I never knew comfort like I am going to tell you about. No Nike or Reebok shoes for us....now I have nothing against either of those brands they just weren't in the top of my recommendations. I went to a place called Athletes Foot in Las Vegas and they were truly awesome. Although, the nice girl that helped me really wanted for me to have my feet tested and fitted to the best shoes for me I just couldn't wait. The man that does the testing was not in, so you need to make an appointment for your feet. Yes, I'm talking to you. I am not really an appointment type person....I kind of wing it all the time including with haircuts which my sister who is a hairdresser absolutely hates...I am the type of person she cant stand because I never make appointments. Who knows what I will be doing in four weeks, hell who knows what I will be doing tomorrow. I needed my shoes today so that I could start my training while on vacation. Yes, I am on vacation for two weeks and what a better time to start. So against her wishes, I bought some shoes that she recommended for the type of feet I told her I had. A little low on the arches but pretty normal otherwise. She recommended some shoes with motion control and stability and brought out a few pairs for me to try. I have to say I was impressed. Not only did she have me try them on she sent me for a little run. Did I mention I am in Las Vegas and it is like over a hundred degrees right now? It was a little hot outside but I was hoping to lose a couple pounds in that brief minute outside from just sweat. Hey, I'll take whatever weight loss I can get... I knew right away that the shoe on my left foot was all wrong and that the one on the right was way more comfortable. Back inside yay ! I tried on another shoe. The sales lady put another shoe on my left foot and right away I could feel that it was too tight over the middle of my foot so she made me take it off immediately and said that if it wasn't comfortable or natural feeling that it was a definite no. She put the matching shoe on my foot and sent me outside for a run again. Holy crap, this is amazing. I truly felt like I was running in a cloud, hey maybe that was the heat outside and I was near death....nah, it was the shoes....I think ! So here's what I ended up with...a pair of beautiful pink and silver Mizuno running shoes specifically I got the Inspire 6 model. Now you need to get yours so we can start this, madness. I have convinced my husband that he too needs to be fitted for some shoes when we get back from vacation and feel what I am talking about. I am sure I got on his nerves because I couldn't stop talking about my shoes. I love them. Now why would I want to get them all dirty and used? Oh thats right, run potato run.....we are on a mission here....I need some people with me to keep me focused. Seriously, please join the madness, I could use some support across the finish line.


  1. Cute they are pink! I'm with you...

    I used to buy Adidas or Nike...but they just aren't made as well as other running shoes. I reallyyyyyy love my Asics because of the gel in the sole that molds to your foot. I'll have to try on a pair of the shoes you speak of though, it's about time for me to buy new ones.

  2. The right shoes are a must! I only run in Mizunos - love them! Hope you love them too! (and pink, score!!!)