So no one is probably listening but.....

So nobody is probably listening or cares but I managed to run/walk my two miles although on the treadmill last night but anyway, I did it. I decided that I would start my ten week training in two weeks but I would get myself up to speed before then (while I'm on vacation) not that I am going to be up to speed by then but I am really starting to get depressed about this weight thing. I know that pictures say a thousand words and today a picture was taken of me that just kept repeating you're so fat over and over a thousand times and it makes me want to just give up but I am not going to. I will complete this half marathon. I can do this. And you can too. By the way, the man that was running behind me on the treadmill was absolutely annoying. The treadmill sounded like it was going to take off...I hate him just for info. HATE....him!


  1. I've dealt with body image issues... I'd say they are about 98% in the past...and I know they are not fun.

    The thing that has helped me THE MOST is actually long distance running. You have to fuel your body properly to run long distances, and running a long way increases your endorphin level+self esteem because it's a feeling of accomplishment.

    I guess what I'm saying is, if you eat healthily combined with exercise, you'll lose weight :) Make sure training is your main goal until the race (not weight loss). Too much of a calorie deficit will make it virtually impossible to complete long runs.

  2. Way to go on the 2 miles! Good job setting the incline to 1%, you'll be grateful fir that when you hit the streets. (to run, hope the dreadmill doesn't drive you THAT!)