Was it worth it

Okay, my husband has asked since the finish line of the 5k was it worth it....I said that it was ..... Yesterday....but I can't even walk today so I'm thinking no.....my left knee is so bad I don't know what I did...it didn't hurt until I stopped running....what the heck is wrong with me..? Seriously, why doesn't this happen to everyone...why just me? I can't figure out what to do..I really want to do the 1/2 marathon but this is ridiculous. I don't want to kill myself in the process. I'm thinking that I am going to have to postpone this marathon thing at least until maybe December and that is just pitiful. The only good news is that there is a marathon in Las Vegas in December and it's flat. Maybe I will just concentrate on that one....I have thrown out some serious f-bombs the past two days....and I'm not liking it right now.

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  1. Let's see I've done two really flat half marathons, and one that was generally flat but miles 9-11 were a big hill. Guess which two were more fun? ;)

    I was not familiar with the half you were originally considering, but I remember it sounded scenic. Rock 'n Roll races are supposed to be a TON of fun (I find out in Sept.), and I think for your first race you will like a flat course surrounded by tons of other runners and entertainment. Literally your "Go Big or Go Home" experience... people will be flying in from all over the country just to run it.

    5ish months will give you a lot more time to get used to running. Generally people who train for a long race in 10 weeks either have done one before or run 5 to 6 miles regularly pre-training plan. For my first half I started running regularly in October...the race wasn't until March. Extra training time=Definitely a good thing. Maybe you can even recruit a friend to join you?!

    As far as your knee goes, it sounds like you might be more than just sore? Rest, take some Advil, and ice it a couple times a day. (RICE) http://wiki.runnersworld.com/index.php/R.I.C.E.

    If it still hurts to walk Wednesday, I'd get it checked out.

    Most people who run have dealt with some kind of injury. The weird thing is everyone has their own "problem spot." I've dealt with knee/IT band issues twice now. Ugh. Not fun.