Course Description that I must have failed to read

Okay, so I probably just skimmed over the course description so I really shouldn't say she didn't describe it well as in one of my posts. It does say rolling terrain....I just focused on the whole 1/4 downhill maybe the next one will be alot easier...I'm hoping.

5K COURSE** 7:10am START TIME! USATF Certificate # NV08005DCR

Departing Boulder Beach you will climb 1/4 mile until you turn right onto Lakeshore Drive. You will traverse rolling terrain until your turn around at 1.55 miles. Give you bib number to the clipboard volunteer, turn around, and come on back. The left hand turn back down to Boulder Beach will treat you to a 1/4 mile downhill finish.


  1. Yeah, if a 5k course was described as "The hils on this course f-ing suck until the last 1/4 of a mile. That's downhill" one would sign up :)

    "Flat and fast" is a key phrase to look for if you want a flat course. "Rolling hills"= HILLY. And usually if there is only one hilly section the course will be described as "flat with a hill at mile (fill in the blank)."

    Flat is easier. But hills make you stronger. Sounds like you completed a challenging first race! Hope your knee gets better!

  2. Thanks...I appreciate it. I finally found out my pace was 12:12 so like a turtle least I wasn't last.

  3. When I was training for my first half marathon I would set the treadmill at a 12:00 min/mi pace on long runs. I'd say that's a typical pace if you're new to running! And you have a lot to be proud of :)

    The cool/weird thing is in terms of pace eventually something clicks and what is comfortable gets faster. Probably one of the reasons I can't seem to get bored with running, there's always something to work on.