Well I should have waited until the sun went down

Okay it is seriously too hot to run. I don't know what I was thinking going out before the sun went down. I couldn't do it I had to get in the car into the nice cool air conditioning because I thought I was going to throw up....grrrrrr I hate this heat. Hopefully I can hang on Saturday morning....now I'm kind of worried about it. But it shouldn't be as bad seeing it starts at 0700. My lungs were on fire too......when will that end?

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  1. Yeah, I've had that same panic about my Labor Day Half Marathon. Not sure how hot it will be at 7:00 AM.

    The good news is your upcoming race is 3 miles...and your half marathon should be much cooler than today's run.

    With the 5k tell yourself you're going to run until you absolutely can't anymore. If you feel sick. Take a walk break. You'll still finish.