Yesterday was my rest day...!!! I am running 2 miles tonight so I won't be tired for the 5k on Saturday morning. Okay, that's not really a guarantee I won't be tired on Saturday morning because it is early but I am glad it is. This way it won't be as hot.

I decided that as long as I don't come in dead last I will be okay. However I know a nay sayer that says I am setting myself up for dissapointment in case I don't do as good as I would like. I say, wait till Saturday and we'll see.

I am also putting together some good running songs for my 5k and for my run tonight...for inspiration and because of the 5k name I have to at least add Running with the Devil...! Anyone have any songs that would be good to add? Let me know. Never Gonna Stop by Rob Zombie was going to be one of the last ones I put on there just to remind me to keep running...and quit whining.

Thanks for listening to me and thanks for all the insipring comments you add. It's good to know that somebody is interested.

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  1. Heyyy... I somehow missed this. I guess it's after the fact for your first race, but I have a LOT of songs I like for running on my blog on the "Running iTunes" tab. I like pop, country, rock, and hip there's a little of everything there.

    Some all time favorites for running:
    5k--Matt & Kim
    The Middle-- Jimmy Eat World
    If You're Going Through Hell-- Rodney Atkins
    Stronger-- Kanye West
    Born to Run--Bruce Springsteen
    Check Yes Juliet-- We The Kings (Lyrics repeat "Run baby run)
    Rock n' Roll All Nite-- KISS
    Here It Goes Again-- OK Go
    Party in the USA-- Miley Cyrus

    ...not sure what type of music you like...