I'm on hold....for a little while

I'm hoping that I will feel better in a few weeks but for now....no running for me. I can still barely walk and I cant go up or down stairs without feeling like my leg is going to be torn off at the knee. No, haven't gone to the doctor....I'm a firm believer in waiting and resting before ever going to a doctor so for now......I am saying goodbye...!


  1. I took a vacation from running blogging for the 4th so I'm just now getting to this...

    This is horrible news :(
    I had the same thing happen in college. Very sharp pain on my right knee when I went down the stairs or down hills. General pain walking around. I THINK it was a partially torn meniscus that healed with RICE. Or it was an IT band issue. Or both. Sadly, it wasn't a quick recovery. I wasn't so serious about training for races back then though. So I just stopped running for a few months...

    Keep us posted!

  2. Well...the knees feel much better right now. But, I also have some good news...I have lost 15 pounds since I stopped running, which for me is wonderful. My goal is still 40 pounds...but I'm happy to see progress.