I ran last night and it went well even after eating Mexican food and having a nice mango margarita....probably not ideal, however it's really my last day here seeing my cousin so I had to do it...! Anyway, I really like it made it easy to see what I am actually doing since I have not invested in one of those fancy gps watches that I would really like. Anyone have any suggestions on this? I am looking for something that will tell me the distance and pace and also has a heart monitor. I like the heart monitor because I did have an issue with Tachycardia that I had surgery on my heart for so I like to make sure I am not overdoing it...don't want to give myself a stroke.....tell me what you have and if you like it...thanks for the suggestions...


  1. I want a Garmin. They're expensive though. Currently I don't have the kind of watch you're talking about.

    And yeahhh...I've gone running after a marg before. Not ideal. But somehow it makes me proud that I'm able to run. Most people just go home and sleep after a Mexican dinner.

  2. Yep the Garmin is what you want. I think it's the 405?? that has the heartrate monitor...not sure as I just have the plain Jane 205. Any Garmin is cool in my book. For heartrate workouts I use a Polar watch.
    Good luck with your training!