More than reading...

So far I have done more reading than running...I guess that's a start but I need to get's hard on vacation, especially in San Francisco..I can barely walk up then hills let alone run up them and I am tired of running inside on a treadmill. Anyway, I found a blog that I am liking and she has free giveaways as well which is always a good thing.... to see what I am talking about....check it out.

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  1. Um YEAH. Haha. Everytime I'm in SF I tell myself I could never run a half marathon there. My uncle lives there and his neighborhood is SUPER hilly.

    I'd go to the gym, then run up ONE hill on the way back. That alone was intense. I think near the water is flatter. Running across the Golden Gate Bridge would be cool. I'll do that next time. I just decided ;)